2012-2013 Black Team

2016-2017 Blue Team

2012-2013 Powder Team

2016-2017 White Team

2012-2013 Yellow Team

Games are friendly, and end by shaking hands with the other team. (Really!)

Is that a man on the bench?

What's that little black thing on the ice?

Just cruisin' along.

Setting fashion trends for socks.

Now if I could just get to the other side of the net....

Two hands on the stick!

So who needs both hands on the stick?

Follow that stick!

Go get 'em boys! ...I mean girls!

Charge of the black brigade.

Pant pant...just lemme catch my breath....

Outta my way buddy!


It's mine! No it's mine!

Anybody seen that little black thing?

It's mine! All mine!

The pause that refreshes.

To trip or not to trip....

Don't trip...don't trip...

I got it! I got it!

I saw that little black thing down here somewhere....

Okay, who wants the puck this time?

Gimme a pass about 8 inches off the ice!

Charge of the White Brigade.

Go on! Shoot! I dare ya!

Hmmm, I'll just wait until the goalie isn't looking.

Just cruisin' along.

Come back here ya little ....

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Winter 2012 photos thanks to Joe El-Habbaki
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